About This Crap


StrangeCrap.com is the brainchild of NX and his band of miscreants: Psycho Killer, Captain Unicorn, the Luv Doctor, Iron Chef Monkey Butt, the Dread Pirate Skogen and Erick Satire. All opinions expressed herein are ours. If you don’t like them, leave. If you do like them, then come back and tell a friend (if you have any).

All artwork and photos are the property of their rightful owners and are used purely for satirical purposes.

We do not claim that any of the information within this site is true.

Any resemblances to persons living or dead are purely coincidental (or total shit).

Persons under the age of 18 should not view this website, nor should anyone who is easily offended.

By no means should anyone take us seriously. We’re nothing more than a band of middle-aged, highly functioning autistics. Please be nice, wipe your feet and turn the lights off when you’re done.

You’ve been warned. Now go away or we shall taunt you a second time.

Just in case you need to contact us (we can’t imagine why), you can reach us at strangecrap at comcast.net (You know to change the at to @, right?)

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