Aug 102001

GENOA, Italy — Activists protesting at the G8 economic summit in Genoa have become disheartened by the lack of persecution by authorities, according to Edgar Franklin, spokesman for the World Anarchistic National Council.

Franklin, who heads the anti-capitalism group based in Preservation Hills, California, spoke to a slightly intoxicated local newsman Sunday, saying, “We’ve been really disappointed that the police haven’t busted into our headquarters here and cracked a few skulls like they did for the GSF down the block. Shaking his head sadly, Franklin continued, “I mean, if the authorities don’t break a few bones, we’ll never get the kind of press we need to push our ill-conceived agenda to the other liberal nut jobs all over the world.”

A police spokesman appeared puzzled when asked about a potential assault on the WANC headquarters. “Which group was that? Are they the ones who want to abolish all uses of wood?”

Franklin responded to the police comments by nervously stammering that members of WANC will “just have to get the authorities to take notice”. Franklin was last seen slinking into the WANC headquarters, muttering to himself about making some “strongly-worded signs” as the smell of boiling lentils filled the air.

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