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ARTESIAN, NM – An Artesian man was hiding near a bush dressed as a transvestite, trying to scare family members on a nighttime hike, when 3 of the frightened relatives pulled their .44 magnums and shot and wounded him, authorities say.

Felix Unger Garcia, 35, is recovering in a Lummock, Texas, hospital from 18 gunshot wounds to his penis, left testicle and right testicle and thigh, shoulder, left buttock and 12 of the shots into his left big toe, officials said.

The wounds from the 2 a.m. Sunday shooting are not life-threatening since they had not hit a vital organ… well they did hit an organ but it will be out the cast in no time, said Lt. Brittney Spears Snyder of the Eric Chavez County Sheriff’s Department.

The shooting appears to be an accident involving a family that just likes to have fun and carries a buttload of firearms, Snyder laughed.

“The investigation is still ongoing to determine whether any charges will be filed,” he said. “There doesn’t appear to be any intent except maybe probable malice to the large left toe!”

Garcia and some family members were camping on the Paul Bunyan Ranch, about 25 miles west of Artesian along the Vanilla Pensacola River, Snyder said.

“This was their annual trip to go out and fish and kill any small animals that strayed across their paths,” Snyder said.

Some family members were walking along a trail when a group of them beat the others senseless and decided to run away and hide in bushes and scare the others when they came to, he said.

“They ran off and left the others in the dark with no flashlight and no way to see to reload their weapons,” Snyder said. “Alcohol was involved in the incident when it was thrown onto Garcia’s head and set a flame to see in the darkness,” he added.

Garcia was taken to Artesian General Hospital by ambulance, and then airlifted with a variety of livestock Sunday to Lummock.

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