May 302003
To the B, to the U, to the S, to the H!

To the B, to the U, to the S, to the H!

WASHINGTON, DC–In a bold move to woo a key demographic for the upcoming 2004 election, President George W. Bush announced he was “goin’ gangsta”. During a press conference held Wednesday in the White House, President Bush, now sporting a phat goatee and a retro pair of afro pig tails stated, “Yo, it’s all abouts confrontin’ da situation. It’s all abouts confrontation, representation, unification—with one badass muthafucka ta lead dis here nation.” He added, “It’s all abouts dis here afro-Saxon, it’s all about ma homies, it ain’t about taxin’. I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like Iraq or Iran”.

Reporters at the conference could only be described as stunned. The president seemed confident about the election, however, spouting, “Yo, fuck them ‘Crats. Dey all a bunch of brown divers. Like dem Dixie Chick bitches and that fat fuck, Michael Moore! Yeah if dey keep on flippin’ off at the jibs we gonna have ta air dey ass out. Our party is bomb diggity, yo!”

After another flurry of comments containing such words as bosepheus, bosshead, fo shiggety, nuzwhuts and ghettofabulous, the President was hurriedly escorted from the podium by White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer and the Secret Service. The President’s final words were, “And that sorry bitch bin Laden, yeah I’m gonna gobble baste dat ass, yo! I’m gonna loose my gorilla juice all up in yo ass!” before he was ushered into the White House.

Mr. Fleischer only added, “Yeah, um, word up.”

The remainder of the President’s speech is awaiting release pending further translation by the Associated Press.

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