Apr 232002

WASHINGTON—President Bush is pressing the Senate to approve a total ban on human cloning that would outlaw the duplication of human beings and of cells that could be used for research and treatment of diseases.

Bush long has opposed human cloning. When he announced his decision in August to restrict but not forbid federal financing of so-called embryonic stem cell research, he said: “We recoil at the idea of growing human beings for spare body parts or creating life for our convenience.”

On Wednesday (Apr 10), Bush was speaking to 175 doctors, scientists, lawmakers, religious activists and disabled people to mobilize bipartisan support behind a complete ban on cloning. Aides said Bush’s speech would be “reflective” on the ethical issues that cloning poses.

Bush was adamant on his stance, stating, “Cloning is bad… very, very bad. What if someone were to clone somebody like Hitler or bin Laden or me for that matter? The horrors would be unimaginationable.”

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