Feb 012002

WASHINGTON—President Bush set a goal Tuesday of cutting drug abuse by 25 percent in five years through greater efforts toward prevention, treatment of addicts and improved law enforcement.

A White House aid had to remind President Bush that his term only ran 4 years of which a portion had already passed. The President displayed the face that Americans have come to know: one of utter confusion.

“We’ve got a problem in this country: too many people use drugs,” he said. “This is an individual tragedy, and as a result it is a social crisis.”

The gallery of reporters were just flabbergast by this totally original observation and comment!

Bush said some of the most important anti-drug work will have to come not from the Federal Government, but from communities, religious groups and families and the Crypts and the Bloods!

He called for “armies of compassion,” directed through religious institutions, to send the message that, “We love you. We love you so much we’re going to convince you not to use drugs in the future.”

“Even if it takes burning at the stake, the iron maiden, the Spanish Inquisition, searing of flesh, after all,” said one reporter. “We can only go by what the multitudes of compassionate religious armies have done in the past!”

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