The Throne Room Defiled

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Apr 042002

Captain UnicornI am outraged at what I found in my supposedly private restroom at work today. That’s right; the Captain has his own restroom at the office. For those of you in the working world, you can appreciate the beauty of a private restroom. Those in school or at home, just think how great it would be not to have to share that dorm bathroom or the hall bathroom. Then multiply it by a factor of 27 and you have an idea how great it is to have your own personal shitter in the office. Before I get too far ahead of myself, I should probably give you all a little background. Continue reading »

Cap On Christmas

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Dec 202001

Ah yes, the holidays are upon us and this year our Editor in Chief, Necromancer X, has asked us all to write down some of our thoughts on this time of year. As a crime-fighter I tend to see mostly the underbelly of society and though it is true that even now during the holidays criminals are afoot, I thought I would share something nice about this time of year. Continue reading »