Dawg Be Raisin’ Hell At Da Show

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Apr 182001


S’up all you Dawg lovin’ fools? This is me here preppin’ to tell ya’ll a story that happened the other day. My master (yeah, right, f-him) took me to this dog show so the big Dawg could strut his stuff in front of all them fine, pure-ass bitches; yeah, I know they want me. So everything’s goin’ on the money: I’m struttin’ around the ring, long stridin’ and tail all up and sh*t. Then, out the corner of my eye, I see this punk-ass rat looking thing makin’ clown faces at me. Continue reading »

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Whassup With All You Punks Pissin’ All Over My Sh*t?

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Jan 072001

DawgFirst of all I’d like to give a shout out to my peeps: Sage, Amber, Spike, Captain and finally my main K-9, Scoots. Now it’s time to get down ta business. What’s up with all you punks pissin’ all over my sh*t? Listen, y’all, I go to a whole lotta trouble everyday markin’ my territory and sh*t, only to have a select few of you suckas comin’ by afta to piss all over ma stank. Let me tell ya, if I catch any of you chumps foulin’ up my sh*t with yo skankin’ asses, I’m gonna pop a cap in yo ass. Continue reading »

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Wassup Bitches!

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Dec 062000

DawgYo, whassup all you fine bitches? This is Dawg here, the alpha male and baddest canine on the planet. Don’t talk to me about no Bulldogs or Doberman Pinschers cuz they don’t hold a cat’s tail to my supreme top dogness.

So why am I here chatting atcha? Cuz that fool Luv Doctor is still at the vet’s gettin’ his head checked. Supposedly he fell out a window or something. So, I was called upon by my master (yeah, right… fuck him), Necromancer X to fill in for the lame-ass Doctor. Sometimes I wonder who’s the bigger fool, him or that chump afro-wearing 70’s reject. So I’m here to tell all you bitches who the real top dog is, and that’s me y’all: DAWG! Continue reading »

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