Birthday Blues

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Mar 012001

The Luv DoctorIt’s da Doctor’s birthday and even though I’m still recovering from my hospital stay, I’m always ready for da ladies. I was meetin’ my little Spanish honey at some whacked-ass fufu restaurant; this time da Doctor made it out of his crib with no problems. I jumped in Ginger and rolled to da restaurant. I made it there with no problems… da Doctor was feelin’ good! Continue reading »

Stunts And Pimpin’

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Oct 012000

The Luv DoctorI was getting ready for a dinna date with one of my sweet-ass honeys, when I looks in da mirra and thinks, DAMN, that’s one fine looking-ass pimp. While I was pulling down my jrours (the Doctor likes to look at all of his fine self) I hears a knock ats da door; and then some sucka starts to yell some mess abouts late rent and all dis noise. Now da Doctor ain’t gots no time for entertaining some fool; I gots to meet my little Spanish honey for dinna and I ain’t even dressed yet. Continue reading »

A Night Out With The Luv Doctor

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Sep 302000

The Luv DoctorHello all you ladies and wanna-be pimps, this is the Luv Doctor coming at you. The suckas at (what the hell kinda name is that) came begging the Doctor for some advice. When I saw that sorry bunch of suckas, I knew they needed more than just some quick advice. Continue reading »