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SAN FRANCISCO—A couple sued Air Canada for $5 million, claiming the airline lost their tabby cat during a flight from Canada to California.

Andrew Wysotski and Lori Learmont, formerly of Oshawa, Ont., traveled to San Francisco with their 15-year-old cat, Fu, and four other cats last August.

They claim Air Canada, its cargo-handling company and San Francisco International Airport personnel, are guilty of negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, fraud and false advertising. “It’s not about the money,” Wysotski said. “It’s more the attention to the problem than the money.”

The Aug. 16 filing in Superior Court said the couple got airline-approved plastic crates for the cats before they boarded the flight at Pearson International Airport, outside Toronto, Canada. Upon arrival in San Francisco, Fu’s crate had a large hole in a corner, the front door was broken and open, and the cat was gone, the claim said.

In a related story an Oregon man was killed when he was struck by what appeared to be a half frozen cat. Long time friend of the victim, Kyle Bowers told reporters, “It wasn’t the cat that killed him, though, it was the brick in the cat’s mouth.” He then added, “That’s some strange shit, there.”

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