Aug 302002

BRAZIL—A stray dog has left jail in Brazil disguised a Guinea Pig after serving a year-and-a-half for biting a lorry driver.

Bingo (not his real name, to protect Rex) had been treated like the human prisoners at the police station in the Amazonian town of Maranhao meaning he had to countlessly have oral sex with a prisoner named Pedro who fooled him every time into believing his penis was a delicious Snausages.

He had his own cell and access to scheduled exercise periods, medical treatment and visitors, dog condoms, all the bitches he wanted and comedy tapes of Triumph the Insult dog (His hero!). A judge (After drinking a fifth of tequila) ordered Bingo’s detention for public safety for the attack on the lorry driver which the judge thought was sexual relations with a woman named Lorrie, reports the Jornal de Brasil.

But he has been released on the orders of another female judge after several public protests over his detention and the judge’s need for a dog to perform in her next bestiality film “Bingo! You hit the G SPOT!”.
He had been visited in the cells by people who helped look after him while he was on the streets in the town to help wean him from his heroine and cocaine addictions…

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