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RENO, NV – With Halloween only a few weeks away, Timmy Cranston, 9, and Jake Skena’s, 8, traditional Halloween candy trade exchange is threatened by an ongoing embargo between their respective mothers Mrs. Cranston and Mrs. Skena.

The embargo developed after what was described icily by Mrs. Cranston as “the pound cake incident” in which she took unreasonable offense at an off-handed uncomplimentary comment by Mrs. Skena of Cranston’s Lemon Ring Zeal Surprise pound cake. The boys have been forbidden to communicate during the “Baked-Goods Blockade”.

Timmy and Jake conferred briefly under the Skena’s porch to discuss possible options to the traditional post-Halloween candy negotiations. “Maybe we can sneak out to the shed and do it” suggested Jake, to which Timmy counter-offered “Nah, they’ll see us. Let’s do all the trades through [8-year old mutual friend] Toby.” Both young boys did express concern over whether Toby could be
trusted with the delicious chocolate Halloween treats.

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