May 062002

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.—The Sigma Phi Epsilon Masta Baiters national fraternity has suspended the charter of its Wake Forest University chapter one, verse 3.

This, after charges of abusing a pig were brought by authorities along with a spit and charcoal in front of the ruling body of aged, toothless heathens.

Twenty-three frat members at the school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, are charged with abusing the animal at a party last month by forcing him to chug 47 cans of Blatz beer and shotgunning endlessly with maui wowie.

The drunk, dehydrated, sunburned and munchie starved pig was found unconscious in a park by a couple walking their dog. They would have performed mouth to mouth recessitation on the pig but said their religion prohibited the tasting of pork

The pig was missing its tail and was unable to stand until a gaggle of passing Geese sight seeing in the area helped him to his feet. A quick thinking Siberian Husky found the tail and put it on ice.

It’s now recuperating at a Ramada Inn with unlimited room service and female pig prostitutes…

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