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Well, that time has come again where I must make that inevitable choice: Gore or Bush. I always dread making these decisions. I mean, there are so many factors that must be considered before making such a critical choice. This decision could very well affect my future.

Like most of you, I’ve carefully weighed both sides. With Bush, you can’t really go wrong. There is a certain excitement that I can’t explain. With Bush, yeah you’ve pretty much seen and heard it all before, but still there’s that little voice inside that says, “You know you want it. Bush. Bush.”

On the other hand, Gore somehow holds some weird, morbid curiosity for me. You pretty much know what to expect, but still cling to some childlike anticipation that you’ll be presented with something different. How many times has Gore caused you to think, hey, I know what’s coming up; this is totally predictable, only to be caught off guard with startling results?

And so stands the dilemma: should I choose Bush (I know I’ll be entertained eagerly for about 15 minutes, then grab a tissue and the excitement will be over)? Or will it be Gore (at least I’ll stick around all the way through, and be at least partially entertained)?

Well, I think the choice is obvious: definitely Gore. Although, Wet Dreams May Cum may make me feel better now, Attack of the Mutant Zombie Eskimos will keep me smiling for days to come. Yeah, definitely Gore.

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