Nov 132000

SAN MATEO, CA—“I can’t believe that stupid bitch in front of me is talking on her cell phone,” reported Greg Patterson, 36, as he crawled along in bumper-to-bumper traffic yesterday on his way to work. “I mean, she’s been gabbing on that thing for like 10 miles already. How the hell am I supposed to finish shaving if I have to keep a constant eye on her while she’s on that thing?” asked the half shaven Patterson. “It’s bad enough I almost spilled my latté back at the interchange when I was trying to get the latest stock quotes off my Palm Pilot, but now I have to worry about some stupid bitch on her cell phone? There should be a law against those things,” he concluded.

As for the stupid bitch in front of Patterson, she added, “I had to call the daycare and tell them to give my son his medicine every 4 hours. I forgot to tell them that when I dropped him off this morning.”

“Uh, whatever,” responded a frazzled Patterson. Then, changing the subject, “Hey, check out this new CD I got yesterday. It’s got this really cool song on it. Let’s see, what track was that?” Patterson then slammed into the stupid bitch’s car in front of him as he searched for the desired track. “Fuck!” he screamed. “I knew that stupid bitch would cause an accident!”

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