Jan 192011

NX - Knows all, sees allI’m sure many of you have read or heard the news reports surrounding Seattle and its sudden influx of super-heroes (www.reallifesuperheroes.org). With a current focus on comic book movies and films such as Kick-Ass, it was only a matter of time. One in particular, a do-gooder known as Phoenix Jones, has been at the forefront of it all. Now, I know what many of you are thinking: what is this idiot doing? He’s going to get himself killed, or worse, get someone else killed. Well, I’m not one of those people.

For one, I admire what these people are trying to accomplish, as futile and dangerous as it may seem. I only wish more of us would get personally involved in helping others instead of so casually thinking, “It’s not my problem.” Well, it may very well be your problem some day and you’ll wish then that someone would intervene on your behalf.

Supposedly, Jones et al have been patrolling Seattle—and other cities across the U.S.—trying to make a difference. While most of these individuals are merely social activists, environmentalists or public servants, some—like Mr. Jones—are out there putting themselves in harm’s way in hopes of making the streets a wee bit safer for the rest of us. In fact, Jones made recent news by getting his nose broken and having a gun pulled on him while trying to break up a fight. Reportedly, he’s been stabbed as well.

How can they get away with this, you might be asking? Well, according to police, there is no law against dressing up in a costume and trying to stop crime. Although police are cautioning these individuals that they may get themselves hurt, they are not actively trying to stop them. I’m sure when someone does get seriously injured, something will be done. And then it’ll be the do-gooders who get admonished while the criminals are left to do what they do best. All the while an understaffed and overburdened police force will waste even more resources trying to stop the good guys.

I urge you to give their site a read, if for nothing else, the registry. There are some pretty funny individuals in there and the majority should not be in leotards… for Pete’s sake, guys, no one needs to see your belly-shadowed junk protruding from behind some ill-fitting spandex. It’s no wonder many of you hide your faces.

And to all you crime fighters and do-gooders out there, thanks. Never let society tell you that you can’t make a difference.

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  1. Well said… now where the hell did I put my spandex…

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