May 112012

Psycho KillerIn my life I have happened across individuals that, how should I put this, exaggerate wildly their lives for specific reasons. I know you have met one. I have met four in my life that are on the extreme right of that scale. I happen to work with one at the moment and yesterday my attention became focused upon this individual due to yet another in a long line of incredible statements he proclaimed to all. There is a strange psychological reaction to these exclamations that we know are canards. There are four states I find myself in. One being I am so shocked at the claim I cannot verbally react. I am a deer frozen in headlights or a horse with its lower lip clamped. Two I have heard so many outrageous claims I am complacent and say nothing. Three, I feel sorry for the person and do not react. Four, The claim is SO outrageous that it angers me that someone would actually think I would believe something so ridiculous. Where does this mindset come from? I see it from time to time in lesser forms from a majority of people in different situations. I compiled a list and will expand upon it at a later date. Here is the claim I heard yesterday:

Dave is a 6 foot 2 inch tall black man. He claims his father was Chinese and mother Caucasian and he is black due to a gene he inherited from an interracial marriage four generations ago. Please read that again. No one knew how to react to this proclamation, so we said nothing. I did pipe up and said I was a descended from a long line of Yeti that started a very prestigious hair salon franchise in the Tibetan mountains, but no one believed me! I guess my claim was not outrageous enough. Next time I will claim my ancestor was the man who invented breathing! Let us see him top that! I am waiting for him to say HE was the first man on the moon! At that point I will claim I am the first person to have my feet legally named and they are running for the Senate and House of Representatives at the same time!

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  1. I believe you, PK. I, myself, used to be a 300 pound black man.

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