May 152012

Psycho KillerIt is a widely held misconception that a person can easily read the body language of another human and with accuracy know what they are thinking. On the contrary, it all falls into an average, which is quite low for anyone’s ability to correlate body language and thought. This average increases somewhat IF you know a person extremely well. Never assume you know what a person is thinking by perceived body language. With that said let me relate a story from yesterday.

My lead is the poster boy for anger management. He screams constantly, breaks equipment, slams doors, brings down ceiling tiles, puts fists through walls, you know, just your typical happy-go-lucky kind of guy! We love him. After the episode of him destroying a printer, I now do NOT like having my back turned to him. I really do not want to be beaten over the head with a monitor in a Tom and Jerry fashion when he gets upset that someone pointed out he is human. I, myself, doubt this at times and believe he was wholly constructed from the parts of lesser angry people. He is a super angry person. As he sleeps at night I can just hear him mumbling “@^#%$ kill YOU! *$^^%$ WALL! %@$#& burrito! %$#^ fuzzy cute bunny! I am sure his wife is cowering in the corner with a comforter pulled over her head hoping he does not wake up during the dream in which he is abusing small, adorable rodents!

One of the guys pulls me aside yesterday after the lead had left and informed me that he had been told the lead was going to speak with me because I was angry yesterday twice when he handed me tickets to do. This was news to me due to the fact I had a very good day. I had to laugh due to the fact that I was writing up a ticket when he handed me one and I did not look at him, took the ticket and laid it on a pile of 4 others I was working on. The next time he walked in I informed him in a matter-of-fact way that I had already printed it out. Now, where did he get anger from that? This is the perception of a man whose sphincter is so tight it would take a 5 foot, 25 pound, iron pry bar to get his butt cheeks apart. I think when you are generally given in to acting like a 3-year-old in a temper tantrum involving a 12 pound lump hammer and a glass house, you see all kinds of things. Now it has become paranoia; everyone is out to get him. Well, only one thing has changed: his bosses are treating him just like he treats us! They are pointing out all his imperfections and what they dislike about him. This is tough for a person who is deluded into believing he does nothing incorrectly. I have wanted forever to tape brochures I have picked up on dealing with anger to his office door, but then, his head might explode, which while amusing is very messy!

So here is a person who is angry all the time thinking he can read my body language and know what I am thinking. Transference of anger. This person has never seen me angry… ever. I am sure when I explain this to him he will scream and throw the nearest person at me. I am great at catching, so am not worried unless it is a fast slider, then I may have a problem. He will have to be content with torturing his poor gold fish that he refuses food to when he knows they are talking about him behind his back. Everyone knows that is why you NEVER keep goldfish! That is why people swallow them as often as possible. Oh yes, and I am now number #1 on the squirrel’s human hit list. I am inside so I am safe for the moment.

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