Aug 102001

In what could be called a “sign of the times” local area man “Smelly” Hank Jacks was heard asking for “a buck fiddy” outside the local Happy Harold’s Stop ‘n Rob last weekend. “Yo, my man, youse gots a buck fiddy?” asked a tatterd Jacks to all who approached. When asked what he needed it for, Jacks replied, “My medsin.” Medsin? “Yeah,” he continued, “it hepps me sleep. C’mon, help a brotha out. Gimme a buck fiddy.”

When asked his opinion on the current legislation regarding prescription coverage through Medicare, Jacks replied, “So’s youse ain’ts got it? How ‘bouts a dolla? Youse gots a dolla? Hank can make do with a dolla.” Dolla? Sadly, this reporter didn’t.

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