Jan 252002

Projectile pitbulls?A Steubenville man, Eric Montgomery, was charged with felonious assault after he threw a pit bull dog at a police officer and then barricaded himself in his house.

Police confronted the obviously disturbed man who picked up one of the two pitbulls in his hands and screamed “Don’t come any closer, I know how to use it!”

Officer McCafferty was backing away from the house and slipped on some ice. The Montgomery then picked up one of the dogs and threw it at the officer. The dog flew toward the officer, who fired at it.

Unfortunately McCafferty had failed to attend the academy class “How to shoot at flying pitbulls” and was completely taken by surprise.

Montgomery barricaded himself in the house but emerged a half-hour later when he discovered all he had left to throw at the officers’ was his son’s 2 year old gerbil, “Scrumpy”.

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