Oct 082001

CHEYENNE, WY—Local Cheyenne resident, Barry Stike, admitted Tuesday that he wanted to do the Dhue. “Man, since this whole World Trade Center thing broke out I’ve been glued to Fox News; I really never watched it before then. Man, oh man! That Laurie Dhue chick is hot. What a piece of ass!”

Stike seemed to be referring to pouty–lipped Fox News Channel anchorwoman, Laurie Dhue. “Man, she’s got some awesome DSLs! Whoo!” Was Stike referring to a possible high-speed Internet connection? “No, dude! Dick Sucking Lips! Whoo!” Stike exclaimed imitating a disturbing fellatio maneuver.

When asked for comment, Dhue replied, “I get that a lot.”

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