Oct 022000

BAKERSFIELD, CA–Area resident and mediocre bowler Ted Windgren appeared exultant tonight after a thoroughly average game at Bowling Bobby’s House of Lanes in Bakersfield. “Wow, I really got into a groove,” Windgren boasted, thrusting his shoulders back and chin upward in a victorious pose shortly after posting a thoroughly unimpressive 127 out of a possible 300 points.

However, spectators at the House of Lanes were not as impressed. Co-worker Daryl Edmonton muttered, “It’s a lousy 127. My kid can bowl a 127 with that gimpy leg of hers.” Bobby Shaw, owner and bartender at the House of Lanes commented on the bland game “I don’t get the guy, acting like he’s won a trophy or something with that thoroughly uninspired score.”

“But as long as he keeps buying rounds of drinks, he can strut all he wants, no matter how boring and insipid he …” Shaw trailed off as the unobservant Windgren approached the bar requesting “three more pitchers of Bud Lite for the ‘table of champions’.”

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