Feb 222018

PORTLAND, OR – Local Portland native Emily Sands is totally upset over “that thing” on YouTube, said close friend Brynn Pierce.

“Yeah, so, Emily is so distraught over that thing on YouTube,” said Pierce (17). “It’s like, you know, so upsetting, like… I can’t even say… I don’t know.”

When asked what specific “thing” she was referring to, Pierce added, “I don’t know. It was this thing about the government or something. I heard some people talking about it and I was like, Emily check this out. And Emily was, like, so distraught. She totally wanted to make a hat, or something, and march. It was really bad. I mean, how can people allow this? How can people be so blind?”

When asked if this was about blind people, Pierce said, “Well, no. Not necessarily. I don’t think… I don’t know. But we should totally do something about those blind people too, like, make them see or something.”

StrangeCrap news was able to track down Sands (17) at a local Michael’s purchasing yarn to make a strange hat of some sort.

“I’m just so upset,” said Sands. “And I’m actually going to do something about it.”

When asked what “it” was, Sands replied, “Ug, that thing on YouTube. It’s so sad. I mean, why can’t we all just love, you know? People are so blind.”

When pressed if this was indeed about blind people, Sands moaned and said, “No! I’m not sure what that’s all about, but now Brynn is suddenly going totes crazy over blind people. Whatever.”

We inquired once more which “thing on YouTube” she (Sands) was upset about and Sands answered, “It’s that one thing… about, something like, the vilification of our society. I’m not sure. It’s so bad. It’s all over YouTube. I’m surprised you’re not writing about it.”

We pushed Sands for more information, but she waved us away, saying, “Uh, I just can’t right now. Okay? It’s like, you know, like, I… sorry.” Sands then waved her hands around a bit and played with her hair, ultimately stating, “I’ve got to get this hat done so I can post it on my Instagram.” She then stalked away, only turning back briefly to form a heart with her hands.

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