May 062002

LONDON—A woman who bared all for a nude television game show has complained to police after a picture of her naked appearance on the program was used to smear her campaign for election as a local councilor.

Helen Swain, a 37-year-old naturist, said on Thursday she had protested about a leaflet showing her and four other women revealing all—bar strategically placed black stars—along with host Keith Chegwin in Channel 5’s show “The Naked Jungle”.

Swain, a married mother of three, stood for the Liberal Democrats in last week’s local elections but came third in her contest to become a councilor for Kirklees Council in Yorkshire.

Swain said the unwanted exposure had not put her off politics, although the pictures had put many local men off women for the rest of their lives. Swain added that she intended to stand for election again but showed no concern that many of the local area’s penises would never stand again.

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