May 022001

NEW YORK NY–“Welcome to a new generation of poor white trash”, announced National Broadcasting Corporation Director of Programming Ted Wallace this week, showing a preview of the pilot episode of “White Trash Theater”, the latest in the recent rash of “reality TV” shows.

Wallace showed clips of the pilot episode, featuring a poor family in Alabama living a small aluminum trailer surrounded by rusting automobiles, to a roomful of reporters. The show features the squalid, depressing living conditions of various families from the southern United States with occasionally amusing sound effects and comedic voice-overs added.

The program, scheduled to appear Friday night at 9 PM between “Who Took My Pants?” and the hit reality TV program “Injuns And Their Firewater”, will feature lots of macaroni and cheese, drunken abuse of children, and fat, hairy, pasty men.

Wallace even hinted at some romantic activity, “In the third episode, one of the family’s mongrels meets up with a mangy bitch from across the railroad tracks, and the feeling of springtime overtakes them in a oily gravel-pit.”

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