Jun 012000

SAN JOSE, CA—”It was totally hot on Tuesday,” said Joseph Philips, 17, a local student of Independence High School, “and we were all just sitting around under a tree in B Villa when Josh like points to this new chick and says something like, ‘Dude, I think that new chick’s hot.'” Philips then made a disgusted face as he recalled the incident. “I was like, dude, that chick smells like butt.” He continued, “Then Josh gets all defensive and shit! He was like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about, man? She’s hot!'” Again Philips claimed that the new girl “smelled like butt”. “I should know,” reiterated Philips. “I sit behind her in Chemistry. The chick needs to wash her ass or something,” he added.

When asked his opinion of the conversation, Josh Taylor, 17, replied, “He [Philips] would know what butt smells like.” So what did Philips have to say about that? “That come-back’s like hella old,” stated Philips. “Josh’s a dumb-ass.” He then proceeded to dance a jig singing, “She smells like butt, she smells like butt.”

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