Jun 212001

BEAVERTON, OR–In an attempt to outdo itself and its competitors, Nike, Inc. has announced its plans to introduce the world’s ugliest shoe ever. Craig Zanon, Divisional Vice President / General Manager of U.S. Footwear, stated at a press conference held at Nike headquarters that, “In an effort to insure Nike’s status as the top sport shoe developer, we have designed the world’s ugliest shoe to date.”

The new shoe, codenamed “Oprah” will feature a strange, uncomfortable shape, plastic, almost spider-like, legs which protrude from the side of the shoe and a series of special retractable attachments such as wheels, a shoehorn, multicolored plastic-coated springs, scissors, a calculator and toothpick.

Nike competitors, Reebok, Adidas and Puma have also followed Nike’s lead and have started work on new designs of their own. Among the many features of these prototype shoes include cup holders, turn signals and a retractable awning designed to provide shade during sport activities.

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