Jan 062010

SAN CLEMENTE, CA—Orange County nudists are up in arms over the burial of a rotting seal carcass on a San Onofre beach. The nudists stated Tuesday that parks officials buried the animal on the clothing-optional beach. Allen Baylis, a frequenter of the location, said one of the dead seal’s fins sticks out of the sand just a few yards form a volleyball court and is a danger to his “extremely long penis”. He added that the stench from the decomposing animal is so horrendous that he’s been forced to wear a scarf over his nose which goes against his clothing-optional lifestyle.

The stench was also reported to be keeping many beach-goers away but other sources reported that the sight of Baylis’ “withered sack” was the real reason for avoidance of the area.

Steve Scott, the park’s maintenance chief, told reporters that the fin was left exposed to assist the nudists in removing sand lodged in their cracks, as he demonstrated by squatting and rocking back and forth. There was no intention of offending or inconveniencing the nudists

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