Aug 262010

Los Angeles, CA (ESN) — Prosecutors are considering whether to bring charges against Mel Gibson in connection with a domestic violence investigation, according to district attorney’s spokesman, Sandlord Snailbite.

“We do not know much at this point, but several witnesses have reported seeing Gibson running in his house wearing nothing but face paint, and screaming ‘freedom’ at the top of his lungs, while possibly holding a claymore over his head.”

This is not the first time the famous actor and director has been involved with the law. This June he was taken for questioning regarding alleged involvement in SLL (Scottish Liberation Lads) activities, to which his lawyer had released a statement denying all charges.

The aforementioned statement was put into question by our senior analyst, Dr. Hindsight, who quoted Gibson as saying: “For too long the oppressed highlanders have suffered under YankJew tyranny. Soon we will unite, and reclaim our ancestral homeland of Colorado!” Following which he uttered an ancient Celtic curse, and proceeded to assault a journalist with his bare hands.

“We can only speculate if this latest incident is somehow related to the SLL,” Dr. Hindsight continues “or if it’s just another fit of rage concerning his ex-mistress turned punching-bag Oksana Grigorieva.”

Mel Gibson’s attorney called the latest incident ‘a shameless incursion into the privacy of an all-American road-warrior’.

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