May 212001

MOSCOW — The Russian Space Service caused what is being referred to as “a teensy-weensy incident” when Sergei Vuskovicovich, Project Manager for the Russian Space Station Mir, accidentally brought down the International Space Station by mistake when trying to cause Mir to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Apparently, we had the A-B switch turned the wrong way,” explained Vuskovicovich in a pathetically poor Russian accent. “Oopsy!” he exclaimed before being taken away by large men in sunglasses.

Although the loss of the Space Station, including the deaths of 10 astronauts, will cost approximately $30 billion to replace and set NASA projects and all science itself back at least ten years, there has been no official word from the White House.

Sources close to President Bush told that the President did react to video of the Space Station being rent apart and burning by making a goo-goo face and saying, “purdy fire…” before stroking his cheek with his blankie and slipping his thumb into his mouth.

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