Aug 312010

FORT SMITH, Ark. – Fort Smith police reported that gunfire resulted after some uninvited guests crashed a local baptism. Authorities were dispatched to the Progressive Men’s Club at 2 a.m. Saturday after a caller reported “gunfire, dangnabbit”. A witness also told Fort Smith television station KHBS that her husband and father were pistol whipped by the trespassers – she only pointed at one man, however. Others, including a disk jockey, were beaten.

Police reported that someone had fired a gun in the air and then into the crowd; no one was wounded.

“It was all crazy and whatnot,” said attendee Bubba Pickens. “First we’s all having a good time. Then outta nowhere there’s holy water all over the place.”

Investigators said six juveniles were arrested. Their names weren’t released “on account of their ages”. One youth was charged with aggravated assault. Other charges include curfew violations, marijuana possession, carrying a weapon and intent to deflower a sibling.

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