Sep 092011

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Officials in eastern South Carolina are moving a school bus stop located near a strip club after parents complained that lunch money provided to the children was somehow not making it to their school.

Reportedly, children had to wait in the parking lot of Here Kitty, Kitty, a local a strip club in Atlantic Beach to catch the school bus.

Misty Underwear, a mother who waits at the stop with her children, says she had to explain to her 4-year-old the meaning of “topless” and demonstrate an “Inverted Crucifix” using a local stop sign.

Whorey County transportation director Jim Wrong justified the placement of the bus stop as a central point of four blocks it needed to accommodate. Wrong was concerned that moving the stop to a community center that parents suggested would require some children to walk farther and severely impact the day-to-day revenue at the club.

Officials have since decided to create two bus stops in the area. Neither is at the strip club. One is located at a nearby park frequented by drug dealers and meth-heads and the other near an alley just two blocks south of the club. The alley is home to Jimmy Jack-Off a frequent public masturbator.

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