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Nov 112016

californiaflagimage1Let me get something off my chest and hopefully get people thinking about the nonsense they post when they don’t get their way. Over the past few days I’m sure you’ve seen the posts from all the bitter California Democrats now campaigning to have California secede from the union. Before I begin let me state that I am a registered Democrat but do not support this notion. I think our electoral system works and allows for equal representation of ALL citizens. A popular vote system of government might seem like the sensible way to do things, but if you really think about it, someone running for president would really only need to campaign in a few key states (or metropolitan areas) to win an election. Complete sections of the country would never be represented. Continue reading »


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Nov 092016

bemfeitoThere is a fitting Portuguese term that I feel applies to last night’s election. Literally, it translates into “Good Work”. However, that is not what it means. The literal translation fails to capture the true snarkiness and almost karma-esque nature behind the meaning. The term I’m referring to is “Bem Feito.”

For instance, say a child talks back to his parents, then turns around to leave and smacks his head on the door jam: BEM FEITO! Or say someone is playing the fool and is warned to knock it off, then falls and injures herself: BEM FEITO! Or say someone is running for president and rigs the primary, threatens anyone who opposes her, holds back criminal information, abandons those in her care, dismisses a majority of her constituency and is outright dishonest: BEM FEITO!

Before I go on, I want to point out the tallies in several states. I’ll be using R to represent Republican, D for Democrat and I for a third party whether it be Libertarian, Green or something else. I want to focus on the states that voted Republican but were very close.

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