Feb 222018

PORTLAND, OR – Local Portland native Emily Sands is totally upset over “that thing” on YouTube, said close friend Brynn Pierce.

“Yeah, so, Emily is so distraught over that thing on YouTube,” said Pierce (17). “It’s like, you know, so upsetting, like… I can’t even say… I don’t know.”

When asked what specific “thing” she was referring to, Pierce added, “I don’t know. It was this thing about the government or something. I heard some people talking about it and I was like, Emily check this out. And Emily was, like, so distraught. She totally wanted to make a hat, or something, and march. It was really bad. I mean, how can people allow this? How can people be so blind?”

When asked if this was about blind people, Pierce said, “Well, no. Not necessarily. I don’t think… I don’t know. But we should totally do something about those blind people too, like, make them see or something.” Continue reading »