Oct 062010

Kayla Black feels the biting pangs of individuality

Charlotte, SC – Local teen Kayla Black faces the daily scrutiny that every American teen battles. However, unlike generations past, Kayla’s peers do not torment her for her choice in jeans, shoes or music. Instead, her pariah status is attributed to her choice of vampires.

Proudly sporting her Team Carlisle shirt, Black states, “I can’t believe the other girls and that one gay guy are giving me so much grief over my love of Carlisle. I mean, he’s so cute and his power of compassion is so very compelling to me. He’s like my soul mate. Why wouldn’t you like him?”

The shirt in question

Fellow students Cathy Turner and Becky Miller couldn’t disagree more, however. “OMG!” screamed Miller. “I can’t believe she’s actually all hot for some old guy; he’s like really old. Why can’t she just go for some young guy like Edward? She’s so lame. She thinks she’s such an individual or something. Whatever… Team Edward!”

To which Turner replied, “Team Jacob!” The two then debated madly about whether a 106-year-old dead guy or a wolf would make a better prom date.

Black added, “I realize Carlisle hasn’t got a super cool power like mind reading or detecting relationships, but compassion is still pretty cool, right?”

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