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NEW YORK—From little ones prone to running off in crowds to big kids hitting the road for the first time, a bunch of new devices claim to help parents keep an “eye” on their children—even when they’re not around.

The most controversial of these gadgets is an under-the-skin personal location device from Applied Digital Solutions. Using Global Positioning Satellite technology, a microchip surgically implanted in the body finds children and notifies parents of their whereabouts.

ADS says the device, which is the size of a wristwatch-face and may become even smaller, could be used to find kidnapped children, locate young kids who wander away from parents and track teens who participate in at-risk behavior and to pulverize would-be rap singers.

Matthew Cossolotto, a company spokesman, says VeriChip ($200 plus $9.95 a month), an under-the-skin, tamperproof method of identifying one person against another, could help prevent kidnappings like the one of Utah teen Elizabeth Smart and has e-mail and instant messaging functions built in.

“The chip would have realized that the intruder did not have permission to take the girl from her home,” said Cossolotto, “and it would have delivered a deadly blow of electricity, making her an unlikely kidnap candidate.”

The company already has several other products currently on the market: VeriChip, Digital Angel and Hojack, a product used by pimps to track their bitches.

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