May 062002

Mike Tyson says that Lennox Lewis “should have died” during the pair’s press conference scuffle in New York last January “Because I was extemely hungry and I did bite him 14 times!”, and that he plans to finish the job using KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce with the bold taste in the ring when they meet in their world heavyweight title scrap in Memphis on June 8.

In a rambling and barely comprehensible rant, Tyson told the Evening Standard (Hawaii) that Lewis “Shud hab dyed thet dark!”

Tyson explained that if he had been with a different posse like the Texas Rangers, instead of the bunch that “That dressed like TV’s lovable Eurkle”, Lewis might not have survived the encounter.
Tyson is training in Hawaii with sparing partner Don Ho and his latest outburst will surely have some people wondering if the heat has gone to his head as they watched him sing “Tiny Bubbles” incomprehensibly as he beat Don Ho mercilessly. Especially after he claimed that killing Lewis would be an inspiration to people in jail who bend over and grab their ankles for Tyson.

“My main objective in the fight is to be professional but horribly maim him and barbecue his buns with KC Masterpeice and parade around the ring eating his ASS!” Tyson told the Evening Standard.

“Winning the world championship again will mean a great deal to me, but all the FUCKING MONEY will mean even MORE!! HA HA HA. But it will mean a lot to people who are in prison, who don’t really believe in the system but to those that believe in the system like Charles Manson they will remain where they are and contently rot.”

“I don’t care if you are black, white, the Klan, Aryan, a gang member or Barney the Dinosaur, a rock or a dog turd. It will show that you can succeed, that you are not garbage but the sickening residue that is left as it rots.”

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