Jan 252002

The man, the myth, the muncher, Tyson!He was nowhere near a boxing ring, but that didn’t stop Mike Tyson last night. The crazed ex-jailbird started an amazing brawl at a pre-fight press conference and BIT British world champ Lennox Lewis on the leg.

Suddenly Tyson ripped off his leather beret, strode over to Lewis’ entourage.

Shaking with rage and obscenely clutching his groin, he screamed, “I’ll fuck you in the ass, you punk ass boy. I’ll fuck you in the ass, you coward, you bitch. You fucking faggot. Come up and take me on, you scared coward. You bitch! You ain’t man enough to fuck with me, bitch! There ain’t no-one in the room big enough to take me on. You’re just scared like a little pussy. I’ll fuck you till you love me, you faggot!”

A shaken Mr. Tyson leading his wife away was heard to say, “I wish our son would quit talking to us in public this way, it’s embarrassing.”

Lennox Lewis’ assistant trainer Harold Knight said, “It was disgraceful. Tyson bit a gash out of Lennox’s leg!”

This comes upon the end of Tyson’s two years of training at the Hannibal Lector school of boxing and 2 month internship at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When asked why he did not protect his leg from from being bitten he replied, “I was too busy covering my ears! How did I know he had developed a taste for LEGS! I should have known something bad was going to happen when he showed up with a bottle of Tabasco sauce!”

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