Apr 012002

NEW YORK—Who cheats more: men or women? The answer may surprise you. It is all them bitches of course!

According to a new poll by “Cosmopolitan” magazine which was comprised of 15 Eskimo men and women living in the Arctic Circle, ladies are the guiltiest party when it comes to messing around on their mates: 59 percent of them have cheated on their man and 34 percent returned Cuisinarts they had received as Christmas and birthday gifts, without receipts.

To be fair, a whopping 55 percent of men have fooled around behind their partners’ backs but only 2 percent in front of their partners, which dispels the myth of superiority of women over men. Other sexy stats…

  • 52 percent of men think with the little head but 72 percent of women think with their vaginas which have NO head!
  • 30 percent of men and 23 percent of women have had sex with a friend of their girlfriend or boyfriend or pet dog Diablo.
  • 71 percent of women and 68 percent of men have lied about past sexual romps with Janet Reno or Strom Thurmon.
  • Finally, 67 percent of women and 58 percent of men have made up an excuse to get out of a date due to the itching, flaking, burning of hemorrhoidal tissue!
  • 99 percent of women wanted every movie to be just like “Titanic” while 99 percent of men vomited violently.
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